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“I would definitely continue to recommend them!” – 3D printing company in Oostvleteren

“Our company has been growing over the past months. We therefore recently switched from a one-man business to a private limited company. This evolution has underlined the need for a better payment solution. That’s how Axepta BNP Paribas entered into our company’s life. As from the start, the guidance and service have always been excellent. […]

Valuing inhouse talent is an investment in the future

It’s a well-known fact: internal mobility is a powerful tool for optimizing personnel management. In the ‘war for talent’ getting the most out of one’s own workforce is beneficial for both the company and the employee. Within Axepta BNP Paribas Benelux retaining talented employees is a big deal. Alexandre, for example, has been recently promoted […]

Questions about the condition or lifespan of your current payment terminal?

Because we, at Axepta BNP Paribas, are strongly committed to sustainable payment solutions that grow along with reality, you can rest assured that your device is perfectly suited to last for many years to come. Unless informed otherwise directly by one of our customer service colleagues, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your […]

Walk through a day in the life of an Axepta BNP Paribas’s field sales agent

Julie has been working for several years as field sales agent at Axepta BNP Paribas Benelux. Her mission? Prospecting new customers and offering them customized electronic payment solutions, whether it be the sale/rental of payment terminals or the transaction processing (commonly known as “acquiring”). Her target group? Businesses and individuals in a variety of industries […]

“A device that makes my life easier.” – Medical practice in the Walloon Region

“I’ve been using my payment terminal for about two years now, a device that makes my life easier. With approximately 95% of my payments being made electronically, I would even say that it is an indispensable tool. In addition to the efficiency of the device, the great availability of the staff is also noteworthy. They […]

“A common inclusive mindset.” – Beverage company in Landen

“Our company is specialized in supplying catering establishments, business corporates and events with beverage. Private individuals and, for example, schools, rest and nursing homes can also rely on us. We have an extensive clientele and exclude no one. An inclusive mindset that we find in our payment partner and its product features. Thanks to our […]

“Guarantee for reliability and security.” – Construction company in Le Roeulx

“We have been using our mobile payment terminal for almost 8 years. We are a construction company active in the Province of Hainaut. Offering the possibility to pay electronically stands for reliability and security in our sector, both for the customer and for us as a merchant. It is an indication of seriousness and professionalism. […]