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Do you own a restaurant, bar or another hospitality business? Axepta BNP Paribas certainly has the right solution for you!

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Why Axepta?

Tailored to your business

Our lightweight payment terminals have an excellent battery life, even outdoors.

You have a foodtruck? Our terminals are fully equipped with 3G/4G technology which guarantees great coverage.

Are you looking for an integrated register system for your business? We have the perfect solution.

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Receive tips on your terminal

Of course, payments by card are safer and more hygienic than cash payments. But can I receive a tip from my client by card?

Of course that’s possible! Axepta BNP Paribas offers you a fast and easy solution to accept tips.


Which terminal is a fit for you?

Best choice


Wireless terminal, ideal for restaurants, bars, taxis and other sectors that use mobile payments through Wifi or GPRS.

  • Bring the terminal to your client, both in your business through Wifi as on the road through 4G.


The ideal terminal for shops with a permanent counter and for small spaces.

  • Accepts the most divers payment methods.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.


Easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.

  • Transform your own smart device in a safe pocket-sized payment solution.
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology that connects easily with external devices.
  • Tactile keyboard for easy and precise data entry.


A new payment experience with an appropriate solution for the integration of cash register systems and fast and easy to use.

  •  Connect your terminal with the cash register system.
  • Designed for the most demanding retail environments.

Our POS solution

Kassa 2.0/Caisse 2.0: all-in POS systems

Thanks to the simple Kassa 2.0/Caisse 2.0 solution, you can easily combine various payment systems in your business. At the same time, the system automatically monitors sales, stock and turnover. This way you keep an overview in real time at home or in your business.

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Order & Check-out

This innovative POS system helps you taking orders and creating bills. The system is incredibly intuitive, even temporary staff can work with it right away. This is how things move forward in your business!
Kassa 2.0

More than a cash register

The system allows you to monitor the results of your business via computer, tablet or smartphone – for example at home, in your bar, restaurant or food truck. This way, you’re always fully involved in your business.
Adviseur Kassa 2.0

Kassa 2.0/Caisse 2.0, tailored to your needs

Together with your advisor, you will look into the possibilities for your catering establishment. The system has a sleek design and is extremely user-friendly. Choose the hardware and support options yourself.
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