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Thanks to the wide range of specific functionalities, our terminals are even better tailored to your needs. Discover all the options on our payment terminals here!

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Why Axepta BNP Paribas?

Dynamic Currency Conversion​

Offer your customers the possibility to pay in their own currency while you are still receiving the payment in euro. Everyone benefits from that!



Through this simple solution, multiple users can operate on the same payment terminal and link it to their own bank account, such as doctors in a group practice or different group activities of one school. Payout and reporting are split down per account.

This way, you can manage the payments of several merchants or liberal professions with just one device, without extra work or extra costs.

Snelle uitbetaling betaalterminal

Transaction reference

Spend less time on your accounting! Sounds great right? By adding an (alphanumeric) reference to a payment, you can identify each transaction even more easily in your daily reporting.


Your customers can easily add a tip to the bill with this functionality.

Reservations on credit cards

You’re able to reserve a specific amount on the credit card of your customer. This means that the amount of money will be blocked on the account. As soon as the service is paid, the reservation is cancelled.

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