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Daily assistance

You can reach us on 02/828 06 06 (Mon-Fri : 8u30 – 17u)​ or via​.

Contractual changes

Send an email to for questions concerning administration (change of address, account number, VAT number, …)

Send an email to for commercial questions (order additional terminal, opening a new business, …)

Betaalterminal overschakelen naar Axepta

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Axepta​ BNP Paribas (NL/FR)
FAQ terminals SIX Payment Services​ (NL/FR)
FAQ terminals Loyaltek​ (NL/FR)
FAQ Payconiq (NL/FR/EN)

Betaaloplossingen horeca

General terms and conditions

Axepta BNP Paribas (NL/FR)
Terminals SIX Payment Services (NL/FR)
E-commerce SIX Payment Services (NL/FR)
Terminals Loyaltek (terms of sale) (NL/FR)
Terminals Loyaltek (terms of use) (NL/FR)
Payconiq (NL/FR)


Order form SIX Telium terminals (iCT & iWL range) (NL/FR)
Order form SIX Tetra terminals (Desk & Move range) (NL/FR)
Order form Loyaltek terminals (NL/FR)

Reporting and invoices

SEPA direct debit mandate Axepta BNP Paribas (NL/FR)
SEPA direct debit mandate SIX Payment Services (NL/FR)
SEPA direct debit mandate Loyaltek (NL/FR)
Example daily transaction overview (soon available)
Example invoice Axepta BNP Paribas (soon available)

Geïntegreerde kassasystemen

Technical terminal sheets

Loyaltek 9220 Smart (NL/FR)
Loyaltek 8210 Triple (NL/FR)
Loyaltek 6210 GPRS (NL/FR)
Loyaltek 6210 Pinpad (NL/FR)
SIX Desk 3500 (NL/FR)

SIX Move 3500 Wifi (NL/FR)
SIX Move 3500 3G / Wifi (NL/FR)

Easy Access

Installation guide & manuals

Manual Loyaltek 9220 Smart (NL/FR)
Manual Loyaltek 8210 Triple (NL/FR)
Manual Loyaltek 6210 GPRS (NL/FR)
Quick User Guide Loyaltek 9220 Smart (NL/FR)
Quick User Guide Loyaltek 8210 Triple (NL/FR)
Quick User Guide Loyaltek 6210 GPRS (NL/FR)
Manual SIX Desk & Move 3500 (NL/FR)
Manual SIX iCT250, iCT220 & iWL250 (NL/FR)
Installation Guide SIX Desk 3500 (NL/FR)
Installation guide SIX Move 3500 Wifi (NL/FR)
Installation guide SIX Desk 3500 3G (NL/FR)
Accept electronic lunch vouchers and Eco vouchers? (NL/FR)
Accept American Express? (NL/FR)
Check the terminal id (TID) (NL/FR)