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‘Switch to Axepta’ promotion

You already have a payment terminal and you want lower tariffs, faster pay-out, clearer reporting or a more performant helpdesk ? You can easily connect your current payment terminal* to Axepta BNP Paribas, without any additional costs.

On top of the free processing switch on your payment terminal, Axepta is launching a new campaign for every new switch to Axepta contract! Discover all benefits below.

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Switch to Axepta promotion


You benefit from our services for free for one month. This means…

  • No subscription fees
  • No transaction fees

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  • You are currently not a client at Axepta.
  • This promotion is not combinable with other campaigns or promotions.
  • Only valid for switch to Axepta contracts (=acquiring-only).
  • Only valid for new contracts, not valid for company swaps.

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* Only terminals with the Ctap-protocol (Worldline, CCV, Paynation, Loyaltek, …) can be switched to Axepta BNP Paribas.

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