The new debit card

Discover Visa Debit

Visa Debit is launched! This new debit card offers you opportunities to increase your sales and customer loyalty. Visa Debit is a debit card that is accepted worldwide without restrictions on use.

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The new debit card

What’s new?

For over 15 years, Belgian debit cards have been ‘co-badged’ with Bancontact and Maestro, allowing cardholders to use these cards on terminals or ATMs that support Bancontact or Maestro. In the upcoming months, the Belgian market will change significantly: Visa Debit is launched – the new ‘co-badged’ debit card with Bancontact and Visa.

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Read the French version here.

What’s changing for you?

Your Axepta contract

Discover how the launch of these new debit cards could impact your business.

  • Do you already accept Bancontact of Visa? In this case, nothing changes for you.
  • You don’t accept neither of both? In this case, your customers won’t be able to pay you with these cards. That’s why Axepta will automatically activate Visa Debit from mid-May onwards. Do you want to accept these new cards earlier than this date? Contact us at!
What’s changing for you?

Your terminal

Your terminal is technically capable to receive these payments. However, some terminals might require a software update to accept these new debit cards contactless. If you encounter any problems, please accept the card by inserting it into the terminal and contact your terminal provider. You can find the contact details of your provider on your contract or on the sticker on your terminal.

How to contact your terminal provider?

You’ll find a list with the contact details of the most common terminal providers below.
Overview terminal providers

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